MO’Cheddah Posts naked picture online to Eldee

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Exclusive Rated
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Please View at Your Own Discretion

There you have it, and to think I used to crush on Mo, why couldn’t she send it to me instead! (Jokes Obviously) Ahhhhhhhh well.. Below is the picture she sent and denied she ever did send and the other picture is a tweet from Eldee (Tha Don agbaya) sent to her, apparently he’s married with kids.

PS: Before you tag me a pervert or “One of the Abia state rappers” I don’t care what you are about to say, am just posting what i saw to you.

  1. Andres says:

    Wat a whore… I’v neva reali lykd her. She’s so repulsive, ayama!

  2. @Briggz5d says:

    Maybe part of the requirement to be signed by trybe records is to post nude pics lol.
    But i wonder why the head was cut off in the pic – they wont be able to deny it then.

  3. olarab says:

    This may not be mo’cheddah cos this picture is faceless

  4. Wale says:

    1) It was after a show BOTH Eldee and Mo’ performed in. At 4am after most likely consuming a few drinks they were both intoxicated.

    2) Eldee has previously Tweeted that his BIS was having issues and that he couldn’t BBM or browse. His Tweets were posted via WEB. Hence the explanation of communicating via Twitter as they were back in their rooms.

    3) Mo Cheddah (and Eldee) would not be the first to mistakenly post a Tweet instead of sending it as a DM to someone. And FYI when you mistakenly Tweet a DM, it DOES NOT show anyones handle. It posts as a normal Tweet would.

    4) Eldee also mistakenly posted a DM as a Tweet. INSTRUCTING Mo Cheddah to tell people that were ALSO AT THE HOTEL that it was someone (one of the girls) at the hotel that took the picture and sent it to her. The reason for this was simply because THEY (the people at the hotel would have been able to identify the room, and confirm that indeed it was Mo Cheddah in the picture).

    4) Alongside her Tweets claiming that her account had been hacked, she also Tweeted that someone sent her that picture (co-incidentally obeying Eldees instructions). Then resume Tweeting and pretending her account had been hacked. I am in india and I am 45? Yeah right!

    5) The pictures side by side of a Nude Mo cheddah and a Clothed Mo Cheddah SHOW IT IS THE SAME PERSON. The body structure, particularly her shoulders.

    6) They don’t hack TWO celebrity accounts at the same time who happen to have performed at the same show and stayed in the same hotel.

    If after these 6 points, you still believe it was a hacked, then you are simply in denial. These things happen, it won’t be the first affair and it would certainly not be the last.

  5. Brown Miller says:

    Kini big deal? They shud stop decieving themselve (Eldee n Mo‘cheddah). E don happen, be e don happen!

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