Haters, Whatever & Twitter

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Socials, Social Networking

To start with, am not tryin to blow your mind or look like an intellect with this post. Thanks

I wrote this along time ago on my Tumblr, but i don’t think anybody ever saw it, Tumblr is somehow if you ask me because not many people know how to use it and it could be slow atimes because of all the pictures and the reblogging, videos, music streaming and etc., it might be the next big thing or probably is already but I still don’t dig it that much so on WordPress here it’s, will still post it on my blogspot (When they support Mobile) And yes it is also on Doyin’s blog.

Haters and Self esteem

There’s a new (well not really new) word people use now adays, It’s the word “Haters”. I have seen people who have real haters asin real haters, eg Chris Brown (Check his twitter page) Young Joc and some others, while some fools will just be shouting Haters up and down on twitter.

When you say someone is hating on you what “I” think it means is that you are currently in limelight and people are saying mean things to you on purpose because they don’t see why you should be be at that postion, or maybe you had a very good start and got involved in something really nasty and they want to take you down by all means (those are legal haters) NOT because your music is bad or you say crap a lot, or you really suck at acting (T.I I see you). If you are really not good at what you are doing and people are complaining or saying mean things then you deserve it…. Not everyone has haters and not every hustle is hustle.

Self Esteem: Pride

Please try as much as possible to listen to what people say about you, it should not get to though but it’s what people see and what you show them they will SAY about you, if someone hasn’t heard something or seen your attitude I wonder why they will talk about you.

You should learn from what people say about you, if you like pretend not to care just listen, it will help you be a better person, wait, lets think about it, if a certain % of people are saying a particular thing about you, don’t you think it might actually be true? Every lie is based on some kinda truth, every rumor has an element of truth in it.

*edit* And stop saying “Antibullshit (especialy when you are the one full of shit) ” “I don’t care” “I don’t give a F*@%” when you really do deep inside, i see so many of these on twitter, fuckyouropinion (whatever her name is), drewbaba, tweetoracle (abaya) and so many of these people, they all feel exhalted on twitter over what? Vanity, this is talk for another day. And so therefore comma show it by shutting up, ignoring or by being silent (they all mean the same thing)

PS: This doesn’t have to make sense to you.

  1. Ms. Doyin says:

    To all those twitter gods & goddesses……
    Its so true mehn.
    Everyone now has “haters”. I don’t know what’s always doing them. Lool!!!

  2. b says:

    lmao @ the haters part

  3. This is soooo true!!! Omd!

  4. D!!! Why are u SO ANGRY?! Lwkm! I was just laughing cause I could imagine you saying this and what your facial expression would look like

  5. This makes complete sense. The message is passed across. Bless 🙂

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