You don’t have to!

Posted: September 2, 2011 in general, life, cars, showoff

Well this is my first WordPress post, i have always been a fan of Blogspot but i found it hard to blog from my phone since i have to use mobile web, There is an app for WordPress so i am switching over for a while.

Yesterday 1st of September 2011, Went to my “Ex-school” just to drop my friends who were yet to do their final year clearance, it was a normal journey and we got to school safely and they were able to sign most it. As we were about leaving i went to drop my friend (Saffy) off at her hostel and one idiot followed me, on my way back the guy said Oya tolu park make i feel your car small, Normally i took that as ok he can drive because i dont expect any boy in his final year not being able to drive an AUTOMATIC car which happens to be the easiest (Am sure that was what he was thinking), I let him drive n i noticed the car was not steady thinking he still needs to adjust to the car a bit UNTIL we reached a junction, the daftest person in this world would know that when approaching a corner you slow the hell down but no this idiot went ahead to turn at 60Km/h WTF!! and there was a bus in front so i had to hit his hand away from the road because all that was on my mind was the Headlamp and the Engine. He swerved off the road and hit a road block sort off and punctured the tire, and disfigured the brakepad a little, what would he say later “It was the bus infront of me that caused it” F*** it, I could have beaten him to death but I was the one who let him drive. We removed the tire and put the spare one (I wonder why cars come to those terrible small tires) and we got going back to Ibadan, Unknowingly to us, the spare tire was more or less like light rubber and it was already wearing out on the express, getting to my friends house right in front of his house the tire bust it had torn all along (Thank God for safe journey)

Now I am getting a new tire and i will have to fix it all from my own money.

Lesson learnt: Don’t ever let anybody drive your car except people you have seen and you know can handle cars well.

Lesson to teach: There are two things that look easy in the world.
1. Playing tennis, it looks like all you have to do is return the small ball by hitting it back to the other player
2. Driving an automatic car, Just because it’s called an automatic car.
These two things take time to be perfect in them

There it go right there, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!


  1. Mr McBloodnofsky says:

    hahaha..aint bad..dat effn skul..err1 wnts to show dey can drive..smh..u lucky bro..fanx God 4ya life…we 4 just dey sing da grin 4 u #okbye

  2. Ms. Doyin says:

    Awwww, Tolu!!! I really didn’t know you would have allowed anyone drive the car coz you didn’t allow me. You are always so careful. Sorry hunn. :*

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