Snake bites Bowen University female student

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
Wow how does that even happen in a school like this? How can a snake
1. Enter the hostel (if there were no bushes around in the first instance)
2. Crawl to a room (If there was steady electricity) without people noticing it
3. Bite a student
I really would like to talk about this whole incident vs The school authority but mehn i will just leave it till another day, but if i was the girl’s parent yh, N.U.C will def close down the school or sue them for what it’s worth!

The student involved is @iamMissSisiEko details are a little bit sketchy at the moment (just had to use that phrase, it makes me sound like a real reporter) so stay tuned for more details which might never come because of this school’s sh**** network, but will try and keep y’all updated! So to the V.C of Bowen University that only cares about his N500million so called “Worship Center” G-A-F-U-S!!!!

*Update1* And she runs to the clinic on her own… No bus.. No ambulance + The snake was not found!   

*Update2*No anti-venom…so they have to drive down to ib now…imagine!!  + its already swollen

  1. yo..what you upto mahn..nice mahn..can i eva believe ur story tho..?????fake arse nigga

  2. Tolu Taiwo says:

    lol… guy everything there is real oo… that happened yesterday n you know how bowen is

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