How long can you go without your blackberry…

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

How long can you go without your blackberry…
For her? Definately not up to a day, not even up to 12hours, 
*The story of a girl (Olamide) who couldnt just live normally without her phone* While her phone was with me throughout the night, she got up to and prolly more than 18pings, 3mails. 3Facebook  notifications, and about 4twitter mentions n a DM i think cuz i had to logout, Pings mostly from girls (funny enough) and then came the paranoia call, “What the hell am i suppossed to do without my phone?”, “I need to call my dad”, i need to check this and that, I need to talk to my bestfriend blah blah blah… Must you people use your phone everyday? Must you people chat everyday? Must there always be sumfin to talk about? How were you surviving before you started using the phone? You see some people just sayin “Hi” and you reply “Hello” and that is the end of the conversation. 

 What i have noticed so far about  the phone and here are some few very annoying things about the blackberry, even though some of you might disagree and think am talking crap (hey it’s my blog o abeg) and no i don’t hate the phone

1. It takes your real life away from you, even though your social life is still part of your real life yh, i have seen what this phone can do to people (Like our sister mentioned above) i know people who broke up because of this BBM thing… And thus goes the saying “If your girlfriend has a BB make sure you also have one”. Sorry but i beg to differ! What happend to calling and sending messages? If your girlfrnd is smart enough then she would know how to refuse and resist some things but hey… Not all girls are smart!

2. Another very annoying thing is the broadcast even though some make sense and MOST don’t, most people dont think before they copy n paste some of these things like the one i saw: “Copy and send this broadcast to 15 other people and after that the following additional emoticons will be added to your phone” Mehn that is just plain stupidity! How can that happen? Emoticons are embedded in the OS of the phone so how on earth will copying and pasting a silly text bring that to your phone.. (some people actually tried it though *names witheld* you know are guilty of this) 

3. FAMZING ——-> yes famzing! I have witnessed this many times, the worst one was a case of a so called “Music promoter” in my school trying to hook up his so called Artiste with the likes of Jahbless , Dr Frabz etc etc (Abeg i no mention anybody name o ehhhn ehh!) and when the negotiation fee was mentioned, our music promoter was no where to be found! Ouch!

4. TREND: Everyone wants a BB so bad now adays, mostly girls, If you know u can’t afford one then why hustle with whatever it’s u are hustling with or why start famzing with boyz so they can help you out, i mean why buy a BB and then different people will pay for ur BIS?! That’s a disgrace, BIS now N2800 for glo and N900 per week, N3000 for Zain, N3000 for MTN etc that’s cheap enough n you cant even afford that you this broke ass B* all you know how to do is form bedroom voice for boys n make them like you! And later you will say boyz are this and that! and to the BB zombies even if there’s nothing to do on your phone, you people still bring it out to type!! What are you typing? That is how a car nearly hit one of my friends one day like that.

Am not saying the Blackberry is a bad phone (and i really don’t care if it’s) all am saying is there is a world of big responsibility out there and blah blah blah GTG now, i have my project to write! 


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