iPhone 4 Catches Fire, Slightly Burns Owner… Another BB user fries his own BB

Posted: July 9, 2010 in apple, iphone, iphone4

An unlucky customer had his new iPhone 4 catch fire while AT&T tried to troubleshoot the device.

It’s the first time our guy has seen this happen (us too), but the brand new iPhone 4 caught on fire while being hooked up to a computer using the Apple USB cable that accompanied the device. The customer wanted to exchange the iPhone — obviously — for a new, non-charred unit however the AT&T store in question was out of stock. An Apple Store did confirm to our AT&T connection that this did appear to be a defective USB port and not some sort of user error.

When it caught on fire the iPhone bezel became extremely hot, slightly burning the customer’s hand. The USB port was slightly melted and the USB cable was badly melted as can be seen in the pictures below…The melted cable looks like pizza or fried egg in a funny kinda way

Now as per the  blackberry, why the user did it i have no idea, he was probably tired of the phone or why else would you put your blackberry on fire? o_O 


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