Man Stabs Wife to Death because of Sex, Death by Hanging

Posted: June 20, 2010 in gist, Life, Naija

The die was cast for a 28-year-old Qur’anic student, Abubakar Goni early this week as a Maiduguri High Court ordered that he should be hanged for stabbing his estranged wife to death. It was a tortuous battle for the young man who had been standing trial since 2003 for killing his 14-year-old-wife.

The convict was said to have stabbed his wife, Amsa Usman Abdu now late, severally for refusing to yield to his sexual advances on October 22, 2003. With this, he was charged with culpable homicide, an offence punishable with death as provided in Section 221(b) of the Penal Code.

As Abubakar listened anxiously to the judgment being delivered by the presiding judge, Justice Abdullahi Sanya Yerima, it was obvious that a final call was imminent, as the judge maintained that the 28-year-old man had committed “a grave and a heinous crime” which the law provided no option for.

The convict had in a statement he gave to the police claimed that the marriage between him and the late wife, Amsa, was contracted and solemnised by his father against his wish, adding that he only accepted his father’s decision in good faith and endured to live with her before the incident occurred.

His statement: “My father married Amsa for me. I never knew her before but I accepted her as my wife in good faith. Throughout our marriage which lasted for seven months, she disregarded and disrespected me. Whenever I wanted to have sex with her, she refused. For the seven months period that we lived together, we only had sex three times. I reported her conduct to my father several times, but he begged me to approach her gently as she was still a small girl. My father even reported her to her father, who personally advised her on two occasions.”

Explaining further, he said he had demanded for sex from his wife on the fateful day around 2a.m while they were sleeping in the same room within his father’s compound where they lived. “I wanted to have sex with her, but she refused. I begged her several times but she will not yield to my request. I then left her inside the room, went out and searched for a knife, which I got in the kitchen. I took possession of the knife and went back to the room with annoyance and stabbed her several times at different places,” he added.

Abubakar’s father, Alhaji Goni Umara told the court that an unusual sound woke him up from his sleep on the fateful day, adding that he had to rush to the couple’s room where he found his son with a knife. He said his son, Abubakar, had confessed to stabbing his wife, stressing that one of his wives (Alhaji Umara’s wife), Bintu Goni Umara, corroborated the claim.

Counsel to Abubakar had also pleaded for leniency on grounds of age, being a first time offender, and the fact that his client was legally married to the deceased but was denied sexual intercourse, at will, which was an undisputable right in marriage, an act which he claimed caused him to act in anger and frustration. The court turned down the plea, insisting that the law provided no option for the accused.

So my advice to all women out there, Starve your husbands of sex and get stabbed to death, Nahhh, just kidding, But really what should his punishment be?


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