E3 Press Conference: Microsoft drops big bombshell

Posted: June 15, 2010 in E3, Games, Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox360

Today Microsoft ended its E3 press conference with a bombshell: A new Xbox, with a slimmer profile and built in wi-fi will be on store shelves later this week.The new Xbox has a 250 GB hard-drive, and was called “whisper quiet.” It will sell for $299, A whooping N44850 for Nigerians (Me) but with shipping, tax and location, at max N50,000, well it’s worth it.

Channeling Oprah a bit, Microsoft also announced that the entire audience at their E3 press event would be sent one of the new 360s. wow Amazing, right? Thanks for the generosity, Microsoft we love you!

Interestingly, Microsoft did not mention a price for the Kinect device at the conference. The wifi is actually like the best part of the game console, it saves you the stress of ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) using your internet on the laptop and LAN’ing it to the xbox, this alone is enough to piss some gamer (xbox haters) off, and i must confess without having internet (Xbox live in short) then your Xbox is as good as a Media player only, Now if you are lucky enough and happen to have a wifi connection all you need is a LAN cable, and God help you if you are one of them “Free Browsing” surfers… your Xbox won’t connect through those tunneling. Enough Said.

Watch out For Nintendo Live E3 Conference tomorow 15th June 2010  @ g4tv


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