Students Competition "Challenge Yourself – Challenge the world!"

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Education, Students

3:16am Night Crawler.

I was just browsing through some web pages, can’t remember exactly what i was looking for though, but most times when it happens like that, i usually get to find some useful information, and here we are, anyways i just came across a website that creates student competitions for both undergraduates and post-graduates, and probably high school students also, what they do mainly is to promote participation in global competitions to students everywhere in which students are rewarded with money or scholarship

*Business *Arts and Design *Social Sciences *Tech. and Engineering *Natural Sciences & Math *Other Events
Above are the areas in which competitions are conducted,  and below are examples of competitions that have been done also, you register on the website and you also register your university. Final year projects can also be found on the website
Category Technology and Engineering / Programming

Nokia’s Calling All Innovators

HPS students challenges 2010

Microsoft Imagine Cup – Software Design

HP Skyline 2020 Online Design Contest

Cincinnati Innovates

Nanochallenge and Polymer-challenge 2010

Student Design Competition (SDC) – 2011: H2Go

About student competitions: was founded in 2009 by students who wanted to save time, searching the globe for student challenges. Instead of spending hours and hours, in vain trying to find relevant competitions, we thought it was better to gather them all at one place!

There are more categories to choose competitions from also, the site is really useful and helps in getting focused and insights of how to be a resourceful youth the link to the site is below

Student Competitions


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