How A 40 Year Old Man Impregnates His Own 12yr Old Daughter And Also Claim She Seduced Him Into Doing It.

Posted: June 11, 2010 in crime

It was very unbelievable as Mr Philip Ben narrates how he got into putting his 12yr old daughter in the adult way on a daily basis. He made this confession at the Criminal Investigations Dept of the Panti – Yaba office of the Nigerian Police Force in Lagos state.

He started by saying that he got home one day and found his daughter without no cloths(why would she do such a thing in the first place?) on and he started feeling like doing that thing(She is your daughter you pervert), he then eventually could not control himself and so he held onto his daughter and one thing brought about another and that was how it all started. He blames his own daughter for not rejecting him (Imagine, has it not been proved that women enjoy sex better than men even if they are forced to)when he made his moves on her.

His daugheter said Mr Ben her father is to blame for the act and also confessed that he has been having sex secretly with her since when she was 10years old(moment of truth now? why didn’t she say this earlier?), that is to say they have been doing it for 2 good years.

Wow, this is defenitely not good, it is a big disgrace on their family. The man really lost it. The police charged him for Child Abuse.

Source: Daily Sun newspaper .


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