Stepping up… June 3 11:15pm

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Life, Random, Religion

Stepping up… 11:15pm

Here i am at church for a vigil service( which i attend quite often)… Came in quite early and still had time to listen to my “recently added” playlist on my phone, music got boring and then i switched over to watch my free TV shows episode, not bad also, after which i eventually dozed off ..

Time to worship God: too tired and weak from the little nap i just had, unknowingly i stood up and smiled (He’s at work) I was really trying hard to dance and sing but men it just doesn’t just work for me, this got me thinking… Why is it that anytime we are asked to go to church or do anything related to church we grumble but every other day except for Sundays we just want to have fun all through, am a victim myself i must confess, now this brings me back to the question “what is fun” the best answer i could come up with was “Forgetting about everything that has to do with God n living carefree life for a short while” well i might be wrong but really to most “boys” nowadays, having fun isn’t complete without popping some bottles or striking some smoke sticks or whatever tickles you fancy, now tell me, when you are having fun do you ever think about the likely consequences

Example-  You are at a club and happen to meet a girl who is down for anything provided you can buy her a drink (Most of us will probably buy the drink n say wow, that was easier than i thought) you get her the drink and go to your car and start talking and then … Now, at this point do you ever think that what you are doing or about doing is wrong and probably has it remorse later when you will not be able to relate it to that night? NO!, Capital NO!, you will probably shorten the talk and get down to business before the girl changes her mind. The major point here is that you should always try to be God conscious every time and in everything you do, it is not easy as a youth to keep up that line but the more you realize that God’s commandments does really exists then the easier to live up to his expectations, he made us and knows we are not perfect. The real pain lies in the soul.

State of Oblivion:
How often do you think about heaven / hell? Well for me it’s like almost every day and am always like men, it’s eternal damnation if I happen to miss heaven (God forbids) I have had different kind of dreams about the two sides and i tell you… They are both real, you don’t need proof!

Other beliefs?
Muslims, Hindus. Buddhist and all other religions.. What will be their end? Have they been misled? I leave that question to God because it is beyond my reasoning; all i can say is that if you are a Christian then you are most likely in the right path.

Heroes, philanthropists, motivational speakers etc… This is where God is amazing, the bible says “Without Christ there is no way to heaven”

My point here: Will all these great men who didn’t know God but tried as much as possible to make the world a better place, men who changed lots of lives, men who broke the yoke, all going to hell? Is bill Gates going to hell?



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