Midnyt Callz Craze!!!

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Fun, Humor, Random

What is it all about?

Makeup & and breakups….
Sleepless nyts….
Annoying calls….
Fake people….
Strange background noises….
Sayn “huh” like 10tyms to hear just one unnecessary sentence….
Begging him/her even when you are right….
Using stupid fake voices….

Angry at the caller cuz mosquitoes are sucking the life outta you…
Slept off on the phone…
Not listening cuz u’r on facebook…
Angry cuz he/she called @2am
Putting the caller on hold for no reason…
Putting the caller on hold cuz you want to go to the bathroom…..
Angry he/she disturbed your sleep but u have to pick up the phone!
And any other fing you can think of!!

You can pick topics to write about or add your own personal experience

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  1. Dayo! says:

    Ohhh my!… you are so on point!

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