Day3 “Daily Trends”

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Daily trends, Humor, Life

Morning people…
My day started off very funny, woke up at 7:10 even though my palce of work is just about 15mins walk from my house, i was still gonna be late, but i couldn’t afford that, no not twice in a row., and my shirt was not ironed while there was still light (strange) so i did get my shirt straightened first and went off to the bathroom, after which I started dressing up and for whatever reason I started wearing my shoes first! Why on earth would I wear shoes first and tie the laces, i dint even realize this until it was time to wear my trousers…. Wow, what a beautiful way to start a day and I really do hope the rest of the day doesn’t end with the last thing coming up first…

PS: Ok i got to work at 8:07am and i left home at 7:45am, this blog was written on way to work.
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