Ping! How much of it can you take?

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Apps, Appstore, iphone

What is Ping!

Ping! is iphone-to-iphone messaging that also works with the iPod Touch. Ping! works with push notifications so that messages can be delivered ANYWHERE in the world, instantly. The experience is simple and familiar (resembles SMS!) but does not incur additional carrier charges, like text messaging would.

Ping! is like Blackberry Messenger/BBM!

Ping! is similar to BBM in that you can message other iPhones and iPod Touches quickly and easily without text messaging costs. Ping! is intended for your friends and works only when you have your friend’s Ping! ID to start messaging.

Getting started

What is a Ping! ID?

Your Ping! ID identifies you and is required to send messages. Choose a Ping! ID that you are WILLING TO KEEP AND IDENTIFIES YOU. (E.g. gary.fung, johnsmith2000, amymcd). It will be easier for your friends to ping! you if you have a simple ID that represents YOU – your first and last name is recommended. Note that your ID must be between 4-20 characters in length.

You can get it for free on the App store


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